SpiritSwap V2
Synthetic Trading
Synthetic trading is one of our subcore features brought to you by DEUS Finance

DEUS Finance is a marketplace of decentralized financial services, where they provide the infrastructure for others to build financial instruments. They enables third parties to
  • leverage synthetic
  • stocks (dSynth)
  • CFDs
  • and more.

Synchronizer architecture diagram (based on DEUS Finance docs)
Users can now trade dSynth via DEUS Finance website where they can swap for the DEI token inhouse and commence the leveraged trading.
The process to interact with dSYNTHS is as follows:
  • Swap USDC for DEI on SpiritSwap.
  • Click on the new โ€œTrading Registrarsโ€ tab within the SpiritSwap Navbar.
  • This will take you directly to the dSYNTHS application where you can then use your DEI to interact with dSYNTHS product offering.
  • Any Yields from these positions can then be converted back into any crypto position by trading your DEI yields, back into USDC via SpiritSwap.

Synthetic leveraged trading is well known for its strict regulation under the jurisdiction of certain countries. Thus, please make sure the rules and regulation regarding trading synthetic assets is well known before deciding venture within.
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