๐ŸŒ‰Bridging to Canto EVM

This section contains the guide on bridging funds from FTM chain to the CANTO EVM chain.

Synapse Bridge

We shall be utilizing Synapse Bridge for the bridging process due to its ease of use and the auto faucet function. Bridging via synapse also directly take users funds from the originator chain to the CANTO EVM chain. Thus, there is no need to do a second bridge from Canto to Canto EVM chain.

Bridging via Synapse to Canto EVM will provide users with 1 CANTO, please make sure to trade your assets for more CANTO token before proceeding.

Bridging Guide

The Synapse bridging process is similar compared to most of the bridge applications, you are able to bridge to or from Canto. To use the bridge, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://synapseprotocol.com/ and connect your wallet.

  2. Under the Origin section, select the Fantom network, as well as the asset you would like to send and its amount.

  3. Under the Dest. section, select the network you would like to bridge to (e.g. Canto) and the asset you would like to receive.

  4. If necessary, click the Approve button and confirm the transaction in your wallet to approve the outgoing asset.

  5. Finally, click the Bridge your funds button and confirm the transaction in your wallet to initiate the bridging process:

Supported Assets

The Synapse Bridge supports the following assets on Canto:

  • $SYN

  • $nUSD

  • $NOTE

  • $USDT

  • $USDC

Getting more CANTO

Users are able to swap their bridged assets for more canto via the swap protocols like Slingshot.

For more information about how the Synapse Bridge works, see the Synapse Protocol documentation. Information and CANTO chain guide, please refer to the Canto documentation.

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