SpiritSwap V2

Governance over SnapShots

The keys are in your hands, you decide the direction of SpiritSwap via SnapShot on-chain governance.
​SnapShot is the hub where protocol and community lead decisions are made. Any updates, changes, upgrades, downgrades, new gauge listings or crucial treasury decisions are decided upon here. Whenever a crucial decision that will determine the course of SpiritSwaps direction is to be made, a SnapShot proposal will be made to the DAO. inSPIRIT holders will then be required to approve of decline this proposal. Only if quorum is met and the proposal is voted into effect by inSPIRIT holders, will decisions be made.
Any inSPIRIT holder with 100K + inSPIRIT can make a proposal to the DAO.
We recommend you review the following article to understand the process in its entirety. Links to SpiritSwaps Commonwealth and SnapShot profiles: 👇 Commonwealth: https://commonwealth.im/spiritswap/​
The process of governance must undergo thorough discussion with the community first prior to setting up a snapshot, this is hence to create a seamless process between the DAO participation and voting quality.