SpiritSwap V2


Welcome to our exchange page, the hub of our hybrid style DEX model. Here you can expect to learn about our unique and intricate approach to our hybrid AMM (Automated Market Maker) model.
SpiritSwap V2 has been upgraded to take advantage of multiple AMM models, combining them into one power house and using our unique master router to give both traders and liquidity providers the best of both worlds. SpiritSwaps DEX utilizes a combination of vAMM (Solidly) and Balanced AMM (Balancer) infrastructure to accommodate the needs of both traders and Liquidity providers alike. With the eventual implementation of weighted pools SpiritSwap limit user exposure to IL (Impermanent Loss) while also offering premium cost efficiency for traders who use our DEX.
Read on for a more in-depth rundown surrounding the math and technical aspects of each respective AMM model that executes trades through our master router.