SpiritSwap V2

How to - Gauge Voting and Bribes

This section will be the guide to everything related to gauge voting and receiving bribes.

Gauge Voting

The purpose of gauge voting is to determine which farms will receive emission allocations for each epoch. Each epoch ranges over a one week period Wed 5pm PST - Wed 5:59PM PST the following week. The inSPIRIT token is required as a key to partake in the overall process related to voting and permissionless bribe. You can read more in our inSPIRIT page.

Gauge voting requirements

  • inSPIRIT token

Gauge voting steps

  1. 1.
    Connect to Spiritswap Finance site as usual via your personal defi wallet, refer to the link below for refence How to - Connecting to Metamask
  2. 2.
    Once wallet is connected, head to the inSPIRIT tab via the top navigation bar.
inSPIRIT tab

Farm Voting

  1. 1.
    On the inSPIRIT page, you will be able to see the voting box . Here you can enter in the percentage weights you want to wards the farms.
  2. 2.
    If you cant cast your vote, you may not have voted enough to total 100% of your voting power. You must tally all the voting percentage until 100% is achieved.
Make sure to check which farms are offering bribes. These are updated in our discord announcement channel each week and on twitter. If you vote for farms offering bribes, you will receive a portion of these bribes proportionate to your vote weight / global vote weights on that farm.
Voting box

Final process

Once your vote tallies to a 100% you can click on the "Confirm Vote" button (refer to image above), accept and sign the transaction in dedicated defi wallet and your vote will be cast. Congratulations, you have now cast your first vote. If you voted on a farm offering bribes, they will be airdropped to your respective wallet by the participating protocol. You can check the status of our bribe airdrops in our discord server channel titled "Bribes-list".