SpiritSwap V2


As of March 2022 Team tokens have finalized their vesting period and completed their distribution round. Moving forward emissions are totally dedicated towards two emission endpoints:
  • Farm / Gauge: 81.82%
  • DAO: 8.18%
Farm / Gauge emissions: Are governed through inSPIRIT holders by way of gauge control. While the emission allocation to Farms / "Gauges" are constant as per the diagram below, it is inSPIRIT holders who decide which farms receive variable emission allocation weight, each epoch (weekly). DAO emissions: Are sent to the SpiritSwap Multi-Sig wallet, which are then put into an investment strategy decided upon by the Multi-Sig until the funds are required for use. Use of these funds are restricted for activities such as; - Development expenses - Service Contract expenses - Marketing expenses - General operations to maintain the upkeep of the exchange
Emission schedule curve
Emission allocation schedule.