In the interest of facilitating ease of capital transfer over to Fantom from other chains, SpiritSwap offer the "spiritBridge", an effortless solution to bringing your capital over to Fantom.

At SpiritSwap, it is our goal to enrich the Fantom ecosystem as much as possible. Building new features to attract capital is only one part of the job. In order to attract capital, one must allow for the flow of capital to actually occur. Realizing this shortly after our V1 launch, SpiritSwap released our "SpiritBridge".

Our V1 product allowed for the basic transfer of capital from selected chains. While this was a monumental advance towards capital migration over to Fantom, it did come with limitations. We want bigger, better & faster! As such, thanks to our partnership with LiFinance, our V2 bridge now acts as a bridge aggregator, allowing for the transfer of capital from chains such as :

  • Ethereum

  • Arbitrum

  • Avalanche

  • Polygon

  • MoonRiver

  • Binance Smart chain

Further to the inbuilt aggregator model, our V2 "SpiritBridge" now allows for "bridge and swap" function. This means users can now simultaneously swap while they bridge. For example, users can send BNB from Binance Smart Chain to Fantom Opera, but in the same process, convert this BNB to FTM with one click, thus negating the requirement for a faucet and ensuring no user is ever left with the "lack of gas" conundrum that we have all faced at some point in our DeFi journey.

We recommend people check out our bridge "how to", for a detailed walk through on how our bridge aggregator works (link below).

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