๐Ÿฅ‡Adding Initial Liquidity (Advanced)

How to safely and successfully add initial liquidity and start a new pool on SpiritSwap v3

The Adding Liquidity Guide explains how to add concentrated liquidity to existing SpiritSwap v3 pools. We will now touch on how to add initial liquidity (creating the pool and being the first to provide liquidity for that pair) on SpiritSwap.

navigate to the page that allows you to set what tokens you are wanting to provide liquidity for. If this pair does not currently exist, a few features will be present that are not otherwise available when adding concentrated liquidity to an existing pool. The main focus of creating a pair and adding initial liqudity is ensuring to set the price correctly for your pair. You have complete control over the launch price of the pair, so ensure this value is correct prior to adding liquidity:

Once you have set the Initial price, the pair will automatically balance based off of this price when you input how many of each token you would like to supply. After this point, we at SpiritSwap highly recommend providing the 'Full range' option so as to be as safe as possible in the pool for yourself and the users swapping in and out of your pair -- This is not required, just advised.

The remainder of the providing initial liquidity experience is fundamentally the same to that described in the Adding Liquidity Guide.

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