๐ŸŒพHow to - Create a farm

This section will cover on how does one create a permission-less farm?

1) Figure out what kind of LP is being incentivized, is it a Variable or Stable LP?

2) Based on the type of LP, you would go to either Variable GaugeProxy or Stable GaugeProxy to create the farm.

4) If the response is true, then you can create a farm through the UI. If response is false, then you as a protocol will need to post a proposal on snapshot where the community can vote on it. Once the vote is passed then the multi-sig can add your token to the verified list and the UI will be updated.

6) Make sure you already created a LP for your token with base token (FTM for variable , USDC for stable LP).

7) Select the type of LP and select your token from the list.

9) Once you have the appropriate balance, review the final info and create a farm! You'll see your farm on the Farms and inSPIRIT voting page now!

Once you have created the farm, you need to do these 3 steps -

1) Verify the Gauge Contract

2) Setup automation for collecting fees for your farm (Optional)

Congrats! You are done ๐Ÿ˜Š