๐ŸŒ‰How to - Bridge

This section contains helpful infographics on how to bridge assets over to Fantom using SpiritSwaps "SpiritBridge".

Bridging in Defi

  • Bridging is the process of 'transferring' one token from one chain to the other chain that is either EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible or non compatible.

  • Example of EVM chain to the other is from Binance Smart Chain to Fantom Opera network and example of EVM to non-EVM is from Solana to Fantom Opera network.

  • Most stablecoin bridge incorporate the use of a 'burn' function.

How to bridge with the SpiritBridge

The detailed steps

  1. Select the chain to bridge from - If you have funds in this chain thus this will be your 'from' chain.

  2. Select the chain to bridge to - Your intended token will be in this chain.

  3. Select the asset to bridge over - Example is WETH, DAI or USDC.

  4. Input the quantity of the asset to bridge over.

  5. Select the asset to swap while bridging across chains.

  6. Click 'Bridge Token' to proceed.

  7. Steps 7 and 8 will show the route taken to bridge and the details of the bridge (fees etc).

Please be aware of the liquidity of tokens on both chain so that there would be no delay during the bridge process.