๐Ÿ”„inSPIRIT weekly distribution

A portion of fees collected by the DEX is used to buy back SPIRIT and distribute these each week to inSPIRIT holders.

As outlined in our "Protocol Fees" section, 25 % of all fees collected by the exchange, are used to buy back $SPIRIT and distribute these to inSPIRIT holders each week. This is called our "base fee" Further to this, another 50% of fees collected from the gauges inSPIRIT holders vote on, are distributed to inSPIRIT holders directly via the "vote fee" model. We recommend you revise the protocol fees section to familiarize yourself with how fees are passed on to benefit inSPIRIT holders. You can also famaliarize yourself with the base functionality of inSPIRIT, via our "inSPIRIT how to" section of this GitBook.

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