๐Ÿ”ขAdding Liquidity Guide

How to successfully add liquidity on SpiritSwap v3.

The first step in providing liquidity on SpiritSwap is to go to https://www.spiritswap.finance/. From there, you will click the 'liquidity' Button on the top ribbon of the page:

Once you are on the Liquidity Manager Page, Select the 'Create new liquidity position' button at the top right of the liquidity manager page. A drop down will display to select select Simple liquidity (v2) or concentrated liquidity (v3). Select concentrated liquidity (v3):

Once on the page to add concentrated liquidity, ensure to select the tokens you are wanting to provide liquidity. Please note: if you are adding $FTM as one of the two tokens in the pair, make sure to use WFTM, as all pooled $FTM is pooled as WFTM (You can wrap your $FTM via the 'Swap tab at the top ribbon of the SpiritSwap page). On the right half of the page you will see a visualization of the range (prices) you are wishing to provide liquidity to. If you are new to concentrated liquidity, please ensure to research carefully how to avoid impermanent loss, and to only provide a range that you are comfortable with given the risk that comes along with tighter ranges. The left half of the page displays the tokens, the amounts, and the values of those tokens that you are providing to the LP. When you are ready to supply liquidity, hit the 'Add Liquidity' button:

Once you hit 'Add Liquidity' you will be prompted to review your position, see the final token amounts you are providing, and the percentage of the total existing pool that you will be supplying:

Once 'Confirm' is clicked, a pop-up will display for approving the tokens going into the pool and then minting your proof-of-provision NFT. After the approvals, you will be taken back to the Liquidity Management Page where the liquidity positon can be selected and managed:

Once 'Manage' is selected, you will be able to see the current balance of your liquidity, any claimable rewards (a button will be at the bottom third of the management card to claim rewards), increase/decrease liquidity, or remove liquidity entirely:

This is the core loop of providing Concentrated Liquidity on SpiritSwap. Please always exercise caution when providing liquidity, and never provide more funds than you feel comfortably losing due to the inherent nature of impermanent loss.

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