๐Ÿ”€Stable Swap fees - 0.04% (customizable fees)

Stable fees are pretty straight forward, were here to be competitive so why complicate things ?

The stable AMM fee structure is a little more simplistic. Of the 0.04% fees collected

50 % will be allocated to the "base fee"

50% will be allocated to "LP's"

Base Fee (50%):

The base fee is exactly the same as the current inSPIRIT distribution. This means inSPIRIT holders will be receiving 50 % of all fees collected from stable swaps.

Liquidity Pool (50%):

Same as the current concept, 50% of fees will go directly to liquidity pool rewards. E.g if someone swaps $1000 of USDC - DAI, $0.05 cents will go to users supplying to the USDC-DAI LP.