In the Algebra architecture, each pair is represented by a pool that stores liquidity and executes swaps. Plugins, or exchangeable modules, interact with the pool to provide additional functionality.

The 'Integral' architecture allows for extensive customization of protocol pools, including individual pools. Plugins are key to this customization.

Each pool can be linked to a smart contract that follows the plugin specification for the Algebra Protocol. Using hooks (calls from a pool before or after specific actions), a plugin can extend, enhance, or modify the standard behavior of liquidity pools.

Here are some of the live/functional integral plugins:

  • Emergency Stop: Stop all pool functions except for liquidity withdrawal. In case of an emergency, pools could be stopped by security entities/DAO.

  • Dynamic Fees: Trading Fees depend on pair volatility (24h). New version of Algebra's Dynamic Fees.

  • Eternal Farming: Distribution of Farming rewards. The amount of the reward that depends on the time while the liquidity was in the price range during the trading.

  • Limit Orders: Limit Orders which do not require any external oracle. Gas-consuming - extra gas for every trade required.

  • TWAP Oracle: Time-weighted average price oracle.

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