๐Ÿค‘Dynamic Fees

Uniswap has separate pools for each pair of tokens, and each pool has a fixed fee for trades. This can be challenging for people who provide liquidity (meaning they add their tokens to the pool). In contrast, Algebra has only one pool, and the fee changes based on things like how risky the trade is and how much trading is happening. This helps reduce the impact of sudden price changes, which can be a problem for liquidity providers.

Algebra and SpiritSwap are focused on making things easier for liquidity providers. We're working on technology to help users avoid losing a lot of money. This makes Algebra different from Uniswap V3, and it shows that we're always trying to improve and stay ahead. Fees are always split proportionally the same however after the fee has been collected. The fee dsitribution for SpiritSwap is as follows:

LP ProvidersinSPIRIT HoldersAlgebra FeeTeam Allocation





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