Get FTM (Coinbase Route)


1. Go to Coinbase.

2. Buy $ETH on Coinbase.

3. Send $ETH to your MetaMask wallet.

4. Swap $ETH for $FTM on SushiSwap.

  • Enter the amount of $ETH you wish to swap for $FTM

  • Make sure the "Slippage Tolerance" in settings is greater than the "Price Impact". If the price impact is lower than the slippage tolerance, you will have to increase the slippage tolerance by clicking the settings icon in the top right.

  • Always leave enough $ETH in wallet to pay for transaction fees (recommend at least leave behind 0.1 $ETH in the wallet)

5. Bridge $FTM from Ethereum Mainnet to Fantom Opera.

6. Connect MetaMask to Fantom Opera.

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