• Have MetaMask set to the Fantom Opera Network

  • Have $SPIRIT tokens in your wallet

  • Have $FTM in your wallet for gas fees

1. Go to Grim.Finance

2. Connect your wallet

In this example we'll use MetaMask, so click on "Injected" and confirm.

3. Click on this tab

4. Click on "Approve" and confirm with MetaMask

5. Insert the amount of tokens you want to convert, click "Deposit" and confirm with MetaMask

Note: this action is irreversible, you won't be able to convert ginSPIRIT back to SPIRIT. You will be able to sell ginSPIRIT for SPIRIT though.

6. You have now converted your SPIRIT tokens into ginSPIRIT

Now you can:

  • stake them in the ginSPIRIT vault

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