Yield Farm in Farms


  • Have $FTM in your wallet for gas

  • Have the $SPIRIT-LP token you wish to deposit

1. If you do not have $SPIRIT-LP tokens yet, learn how to make FTM/USDC SPIRIT-LPs here:

Add Liquidity

2. Go to SpiritSwap.Finance

3. Click on "Enter App".

4. Connect wallet.

5. Click on the "Farming" tab.

6. Find the FTM-USDC LP farm, and select "Approve"

  • To farm different pools you will have to provide liquidity for other pools

  • Ex. for the FTM-SPIRIT LP farm, you first provide liquidity on the FTM/SPIRIT pair, then deposit FTM/SPIRIT SPIRIT-LP tokens

7. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

8. Select "Deposit".

9. Select "Max".

10. Select "Confirm".

11. Confirm transaction in MetaMask.

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