Below is a quick tutorial on how to use Zap with phase I functionality.


  • Have FTM in MetaMask on Fantom Opera for the gas fee.

  • Have FTM (or other supported tokens) in MetaMask on the Fantom Opera.

  • Have Fantom network selected and set up with the correct details.

1. Go to SpiritSwap.Finance.

2. Click on "Enter App".

3. Connect wallet.

4. Click on the "Exchange" tab.

5. Click on the “Zap” tab. The Zapper UI will appear.

6. On the left box of the Zapper UI, select the token you want to zap into an LP (e.g. $FTM) and type the quantity below.

7. On the right box of the Zapper UI, select the LP you would like to zap into (we’ll use FTM ⇄ SPIRIT-FTM LP for this example).

8. Press the “Zap” button below.

9. In the popup card you will see an estimate of the LP token you will receive. Click on “Confirm Zap” to confirm.

10. Confirm transaction in Metamask.

11. Hey presto! Your LP tokens will now appear in the LP box to the right of the “Zap” tab. You can now stake these LP tokens in the Farming section to farm more SPIRIT!

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