3) Yield Farm in boosted farms

Deposit LP into boosted farms just like farms and earn on your staked LP.


  • Have $FTM in your wallet for gas

  • Have the $SPIRIT-LP that is supported in boosted farms and you want to yield farm

  • Optional: Hold $inSPIRIT for APR booster

1. If you do not have $SPIRIT-LP tokens yet, learn how to make SPIRIT-LPs here:

pageAdd Liquidity

2. Go to SpiritSwap.Finance.

3. Click on "Enter App".

4. Connect wallet.

5. Click on the "Boosted Farms" tab.

6. Find the SPIRIT-FTM LP boosted farm and select "Approve".

7. Confirm approval in MetaMask.

8. Click "Stake".

9. Select "Max" or enter the amount of LP tokens you want to Stake.

10. Confirm stake in MetaMask.

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