A roadmap for SpiritSwap. This will update and adjust based on the market and decisions made around the project. We aim to be agile and reacting to what happens within the Fantom/DeFi ecosystem.

Phase I: Initial launch 🚀(Q2 2021)

This phase is all about getting the first working DEX in front of Fantom users. We are not recreating the wheel, but rather putting the wheel on a brand new car (Fantom).
  • Functional DEX: Staking, trading, and farming.
  • Community: A superb, productive and engaged community.
  • Landing page: A nice place for newcomers to land that accompanies the DEX and highlights our partners.

Phase II: Foundational work 🛠 (Q2 2021)

Now that the initial launch was a success we are laying the foundation for this project to jump to the next level. Once we have this foundation established, we can set our focus toward building the future of SpiritSwap.
  • Grant from Fantom Foundation: The Fantom Foundation team is doing their best to help us in anyway they can. Glad we have them on our side. Cheers to them 🍻
  • Roadmap: A roadmap in GitBook that outlines current project plans. These are subject to change. As we all know, this industry is fast moving!
  • More farming pools: We will of course be adding new farming pools as the ecosystem grows. We want to include as many legitimate projects to our farming pools as we can.
  • Emission schedule: The token emission schedule. Keep in mind once inSPIRIT is released, the community will be able to vote on the level of emissions distributed to the pools.
  • Team vesting schedule: The team needs to have funds to make sure this project is cooking with gas, and on the right track. Unfortunately, this is not cheap, but the more we have to entice good developers the faster we can move on that front. Of course this fund will be used for numerous other things, but developers are key.
  • Subgraph: You can think of a subgraph as an API other projects can use to integrate/display data from our project. For example, this will allow CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to list us on their site and display all the relevant data.
  • Analytics page: This will be similar to the Uniswap's analytics page, but with a reskin. Before this can start working the subgraph must be complete.
  • Partnerships (Ongoing 🔧): Continuing to build relationships with projects looking to move to / build on Fantom. As per our shared vision, we want to support the growth of Fantom as much as possible. As a full DeFi suite, we see ourselves at the center of this growth. Our intentions are to partner with , grow and support other projects who are passionate about Fantom with the goal of building products together that complement other DeFi products within the Fantom ecosystem. "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."
  • Grow the team: We have A LOT we want to build, so we are targeting more developers to increase our production quality/speed.
  • Audit: Our first audit was completed by MixBytes on June 8th. Another is in the works to be scheduled as well. Auditors are quite backed up as you all must know.

Phase III: Extra features (Q2-Q3 2021)

While inSPIRIT is being worked on we are also building out a few features in parallel:
  • Zapper: Zapping from token to LP and between LPs.
  • Limit orders: Self explanatory, but for those of you who don't know: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/limitorder.asp
  • Price charts: Pricing charts for advanced traders. These charts have trading tools on them as well. You can find them on the exchange page.
  • Portfolio page: A one stop shop for all your data/info, neatly displayed on SpiritSwap.
  • Coinbase Wallet: We now fully support Coinbase Wallet.
  • Coin 98 Wallet: We now fully support Coin 98 Wallet.
  • CEX Listing (Ongoing 🔧): Listed by HotBit. (more to come)
  • Bridge: Establish a bridge within our DEX to allow for transfer of capital directly to our exchange from other chains. Primary chains will be ETH, BSC & Poly/Matic.
  • SpiritSwap Lending Network 1.0: Facilitate an in DEX lending network which will offer the ability for users to lend and borrow directly within our DEX offering our users a better user experience and more utility. This is an important milestone towards becoming a full DeFi suite.
  • Add Faucet to bridge : Shortly after the bridge is live, SpiritSwap will add an inbuilt faucet to our bridge, enabling new users of FTM to claim some free FTM for gas.
  • Ape Mode: First leverage trading feature available on Fantom. Working in with the team at Abracadabra, SpiritSwap will develop a single click leverage trading feature that utilizes Abracadabra to take out a loan and facilitate leverage trading native to SpiritSwap.
  • SpiritSwap Lending Network development (Ongoing 🔧): Establish an "in DEX" lending network by working closely with our partner OlaFinance
  • Bridge Development: Set bridge live with core tokens, then continue to develop bridge further with addition of new chains
    • Bridge updates (Ongoing 🔧): Continue to add other chains to bridge in order to widen Fantoms TVL potential.

Phase IV: inSPIRIT (Q3 2021)

The Fantom Foundation got together with our team and brainstormed a few ideas that would benefit the SPIRIT token's resilience, and bring some governance to SpiritSwap. inSPIRIT is the answer! A new token model that allows governance and utility via inSPIRIT.
  • Launch inSPIRIT: Via secondary smart contracts, users would be able to lock their $SPIRIT tokens as collateral to generate inSPIRIT. (voting tokens).
  • Boosted farm governance: Vote on various protocol features, for example the boosted farm which should be allocated higher levels of emissions. (encourages users to provide liquidity for these farms).
  • Boosted farming: Boosted farms (formerly known as gauges) with variable APY, according to the user's inSPIRIT balance.
  • Strategy for boosted farm migration: Implement a partner, protocol & community strategy to progress with mass migration of standard farms to boosted farms.
  • Boosted farm updates: Migrate standard farms over to boosted farms. Eventually this will be a process that inSPIRIT holders vote on.
    • Create check list to ensure all requirements of the migration process are understood and a robust strategy is in place .
    • Create a voting forum where community dialogue can be hosted to discuss boosted farm decisions. ** Note this will also be used to host DAO discussions.
    • Create snapshot where votes will actually be excited. ** Note this will also be used to cast DAO votes.
    • Draft medium articles to inform community of migration process.
    • Establish marketing plan for migration process.
    • Test UI to accommodate additional farms being added to inSPIRIT vote page and boosted farm page.
    • Create template for DAO / Boosted farms proposals.
    • Publicly announce link to DAO forum / snapshot.
    • Inform key partners of the transition strategy.
    • Set date for migration and announce with medium article.
    • Facilitate migration and establish foundation of boosted farms.

Phase V: Ongoing UI / Design updates/ DAO (Q4 2021)

From the initial launch of SpiritSwap, our intention was always to move away from the original forked "pancake look" and style that most DEX's adopt. Our ambition is to own a truly unique look and feel that embodies the SPIRIT of our brand, offering enhanced user experience and usability.
  • UI revamp 1.0
    • DEX: Our DEX should have its own unique feel, but remain easy and familiar to use for all.
    • Landing page: The landing page needs to match this new DEX UI, so we will be updating the landing where needed as well.
  • UI revamp 1.5
    • Bugs: On going bug fixing.
    • Menu: Addition of collapsible side panel menu.
    • TX confirmation: Addition of in DEX transaction feed (TX confirmation / Error).

Phase VI: Improvement of capital efficiency (Q1 2022)

In the spirit of capital efficiency, we aim to partner with various money markets to allow our LPers to borrow against their LP position and in return obtain various stable coin's. This unlocking of dormant capital will be extremely powerful for SpiritSwap liquidity providers.
  • Collateralization of Spirit LP's : Spirit Single asset and various Spirit LP's added to Market XYZ via our partnership with Beefy.finance. This will enable our users to borrow $MAI against their mooSPIRIT positions thanks to our friends at QiDAO.

Phase VII: SpiritSwap V2 (Q1-Q2 2022)

Top secret . . . . You don't expect us to share everything with you all at once do you ? 😉
  • UI revamp 2.0 / V2 UI :
    • Design: Design of new UI in Figma.
    • Development: Once designs are approved our development team will then move to production.
    • Implementation of new AMM infrastructure: (top secret / TBA)
      • Contracts: New AMM contract development.
      • DeFi HUB integrations : Integration of lending network with improved AMM infrastructure.
    • Testing (⚙️Loading...): Once development is complete, the team will then hold multiple rounds of testing in order to preempt bugs and make any required improvements before deploying UI V2.
    • Deployment(⚙️Loading...): Hey presto, were LIVE!
  • UI 2.5 (
    Soon...): The goal is to improve UI / UX asap for our users. Once base functionality for V2 UI is out, ongoing development will occur to build cool new features on top of our improved code base.
    • Ongoing development : Addition of new features and ongoing improvement of DEX.

Phase VIII: DAO & On-Chain governance 🏛 (Q1-Q3 2022)

  • Create a voting forum where community dialogue can be hosted to discuss DAO proposed decisions.
  • Create snapshot where DAO votes will actually be excited.
  • Create DAO proposal templates.
  • Publicly announce link to DAO forum / snapshot.
  • Marketing for DAO transition.
  • Establish educational content for DAO proposal / voting process.
  • Transition to DAO.
  • Hold first round of proposals.
  • DAO: Make necessary transition points to full DAO.
    • DAO platforms: Set up of Commonwealth and SnapShot forums.
      • DAO resources: Provide resources required for smooth operations of DAO related tasks.
    • Initial governance: Establish first round of DAO voting.
      • Multi-Sig: Establish Multi-Sig.
      • Ongoing community participation of DAO: Host ongoing SnapShots.
    • On-Chain Governance: Transition to full On-Chain Governance.
      • Contracts: Develop On-Chain governance contracts.
        • Testing: Test contracts.
      • UI: Develop front end On-Chain governance portal.
More information to be added as we get closer to deployment.

Phase IX: Community Decides! 🤔


  • Launchpad
  • Timelock
  • DEX tools
  • Stable coin pool
  • User incentive mechanism
  • Trading tools/graphs
  • Stable swaps
  • Vault strategies