A roadmap for SpiritSwap. This will update and adjust based on the market and decisions made around the project. We aim to be agile and reacting to what happens within the Fantom/DeFi ecosystem.

Phase I: Initial launch πŸš€(Q2 2021)

This phase is all about getting the first working DEX in front of Fantom users. We are not recreating the wheel, but rather putting the wheel on a brand new car (Fantom).

Phase II: Foundational work πŸ›  (Q2 2021)

Now that the initial launch was a success βœ… we are laying the foundation for this project to jump to the next level. Once we have this foundation established, we can set our focus toward building the future of SpiritSwap.

Phase III: Extra features (Q2-Q3 2021)

While inSPIRIT is being worked on we are also building out a few features in parallel:

Phase IV: inSPIRIT (Q3 2021)

The Fantom Foundation got together with our team and brainstormed a few ideas that would benefit the SPIRIT token's resilience, and bring some governance to SpiritSwap. inSPIRIT is the answer! A new token model that allows governance and utility via inSPIRIT.

Phase V: Ongoing UI / Design updates/ DAO (Q4 2021)

From the initial launch of SpiritSwap, our intention was always to move away from the original forked "pancake look" and style that most DEX's adopt. Our ambition is to own a truly unique look and feel that embodies the SPIRIT of our brand, offering enhanced user experience and usability.

Phase VI: Improvement of capital efficiency (Q1 2022)

In the spirit of capital efficiency, we aim to partner with various money markets to allow our LPers to borrow against their LP position and in return obtain various stable coin's. This unlocking of dormant capital will be extremely powerful for SpiritSwap liquidity providers.

Phase VII: SpiritSwap V2 (Q1-Q2 2022)

Top secret . . . . You don't expect us to share everything with you all at once do you ? πŸ˜‰

Phase VIII: DAO & On-Chain governance πŸ› (Q1-Q3 2022)

More information to be added as we get closer to deployment.

Phase IX: Community Decides! πŸ€”


  • Launchpad

  • Timelock

  • DEX tools

  • Stable coin pool

  • User incentive mechanism

  • Trading tools/graphs

  • Stable swaps

  • Vault strategies

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