1) Generate inSPIRIT

Lock your SPIRIT to generate inSPIRIT. Choose a lock-period between 1 week and 4 years. A longer lock period generates more inSPIRIT per SPIRIT locked.


  • Have MetaMask set to the Fantom Opera Network

  • Have $SPIRIT tokens in your wallet

  • Have $FTM in your wallet for gas fees

1. Go to SpiritSwap.Finance.

2. Click on "Enter App".

3. Connect wallet.

4. Click on the "inSPIRIT" tab.

5. Enter the amount of SPIRIT you want to lock.

6. Enter the length of time you want to lock SPIRIT.

  • Longer lock period generates more inSPIRIT (eg. 1000 SPIRIT locked for 1 year generates 250 inSPIRIT; 1000 SPIRIT locked for 4 years generates 1000 inSPIRIT)

  • Locked SPIRIT cannot be unlocked until the lock period ends

7. Approve $SPIRIT tokens.

8. Confirm approval in MetaMask.

9. Lock $SPIRIT tokens.

10. Confirm lock in MetaMask.

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