How to bond SPIRIT/FTM LPs

A marketplace for $SPIRIT tokens, offered at a discounted price.

The Bond Marketplace is the heart of Olympus Pro. It provides the user with a suite of different bonds they can choose from, in our case $SPIRIT tokens. This walkthrough is designed to guide you through the bonding process, should you wish to participate.

2. After choosing a bond from the Marketplace, you will be greeted with the bond page below. Make sure to connect your wallet first:

3. After you have connected your wallet Olympus Pro should automatically send you to the Fantom network bonds page (if your wallet has FTM RPC currently set). You will now be looking at the Fantom Olympus pro page.

Next you click on "bond" within the SPIRIT-FTM LP.

**NOTE: If you see "sold out" just refresh the page and the bond button should reload.

5. If this is your first bond purchase, you need to approve the bond contract to spend your token first. Then, you need to sign another transaction to actually purchase the bond. Don't forget to tick the "condition box" confirming that you understand you are purchasing SPIRIT bonds (shown in the picture below).

6. Once you have completed the tasks above, simply input the amount of LP tokens you are using to purchase the bond and click "bond". You will also need to sign off on this transaction in MetaMask. Once the transaction is complete, you have now successfully completed the bond process.

7. Upon completing the bond process, you can return back to the bonds home page where you will be able to view your vested tokens.

**Please note these will be vested for a period of 7 days where by the owed tokens can be claimed after 7 days.

Concluding comments:

While this is a straightforward walkthrough, we recommend users read the full documents available on the Olympus Pro GitBook to ensure they fully understand the bonding mechanics. These documents can be found via the following link.

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