Swap Tokens


  • Have FTM in MetaMask on Fantom Opera for the gas fee

  • Have FTM (or the token to swap) in MetaMask on Fantom Opera

1. Go to SpiritSwap.Finance

2. Click on "Enter App"

3. Connect wallet

4. Click on "Exchange"

5. Choose the token you want to sell

  • For whitelisted tokens just type in the token name and select from the list

  • For non-whitelisted tokens paste the contract address then press “Add”. This will save the token and will make it searchable like whitelisted tokens, for your convenience. You can also press to add the token to MetaMask and have it correctly displayed.

6. Choose the token you want to buy

7. Type in the amount of tokens to swap

  • Remember to always leave some $FTM in your wallet for gas when swapping from FTM

  • Make sure Slippage Tolerance > Price Impact

  • If Slippage Tolerance < Price Impact, select the setting icon and increase the Slippage Tolerance

8. Click "Swap"

Note: if it’s the first time you swap that token, you will have to “Approve” it first.

9. Confirm the swap

10. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask (or your preferred wallet)

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